Animas Valley's staff recognizes that children develop at different rates and we strive to adapt instruction to meet their individual needs, abilities and interests. Because success in all academic areas is virtually synonymous with success in reading, the heart of our instructional program is literacy. It is necessary for the entire staff, parents, and students themselves to commit to doing whatever it takes to see that every child becomes a skilled, enthusiastic reader by the end of the elementary grades. "Children First," Animas Valley School's motto, reflects our belief that every decision we make must be based on what is best for our students.

Animas Valley Elementary

373 Hermosa Meadows Road
Durango, Colorado 81301
Phone: (970) 247-0124

By interacting with the environment, their peers, and with materials, students in Montessori classrooms establish learning practices that lead to overall comprehension. Children learn by active participation through the manipulation of materials, therefore the Montessori classroom is full of precisely engineered materials designed to teach concepts in a cohesive, concrete manner.

Durango Montessori School

1309 East 3rd Avenue Unit 6
Durango, Colorado 81301
Phone: (970) 769-3590

The staff is highly committed to supporting all students’ reach their maximum potential. The academic programming provided to each learner is specifically tailored to individual student needs. The staff uses common formative assessments authentically to inform their instructional approaches. All students receive instruction in the general classroom setting and participate in differentiated literacy and math groups based on their particular learning strengths and needs. Students engage in personal goal setting and monitor their own progress in order to understand their own present levels compared with the grade level expectations. This allows students to take ownership in the learning process and is highly motivating to each student.

Florida Mesa Elementary

216 State Highway 172
Durango, Colorado 81301
Phone: (970) 247-4250

The Juniper School is committed to building an authentic, diverse and active learning environment for the children of our community, through the establishment of a free, public, charter elementary school. Our vision is to foster quality educational experiences for all students and their families of our community!

The Juniper School

201 East 12th Street
Durango, Colorado 81301
Phone: (970) 247-5411

Needham Elementary strives to provide an enjoyable, challenging, and relevant learning environment where students will experience immediate success and develop the knowledge and skills necessary for continuing social growth, physical growth and academic achievement. Our goal is to encourage independent, lifelong learning. Needham focuses on providing in-depth learning experi¬ences for students through ongoing, intense collaboration among staff. Throughout the year, students explore six trans-disciplinary themes: Who We Are, Where We Are in Place and Time, How We Express Ourselves, How the World Works, How We Organize Ourselves, and Sharing the Planet.

Needham Elementary

2425 West 3rd Avenue
Durango, Colorado 81301
Phone: (970) 247-4791

The mission of Park Elementary School is to lead and engage students to reach their potential in a global society by providing a positive, nurturing and challenging environment where children succeed cognitively, socially and emotionally through shared responsibility of school, family and community. The Park culture embraces learning through mindful school practices and character development. Through character work, Park staff focuses on the following five aspects of emotional wellness to help prepare children for each stage of life: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. These beliefs allow children to recognize emotions and values, as well as their individual strengths and limitations; how to manage emotions and behaviors to achieve goals; how to demonstrate understanding and empathy; to attain knowledge on how to form positives relationships and teamwork; and how to make ethical and constructive choice.

Park Elementary

510 East 6th Avenue
Durango, Colorado 81301
Phone: (970) 247-3718

At Riverview, our "basic school" mission is to guarantee that ALL students learn to their full potential and produce quality work. It is our job as teachers and parents to create those "connections" that develop a sense of community, character and life-long learning. We strive to create a school climate that reinforces the "Three R's" of respect, responsibility and resourcefulness.

Riverview Elementary

2900 Mesa Avenue
Durango, Colorado 81301
Phone: (970) 247-3862

Sunnyside strives to make a rewarding impact in each child’s life by ensuring they all reach their highest potential. Sunnyside is a small rural school with all of the services offered in the larger schools while providing a “family” environment. Sunnyside partners with the local community in many ways, and this is highlighted in our thriving branch of the Durango Public Library housed inside the school. The school works together to help promote a lifelong love of reading and books through community and school sponsored events like our “Take Apart” and “Edible Books.” Our scholars are engaged in active learning by opening their minds, taking educational risks, persevering through struggles, and reflecting on their learning and themselves.

Sunnyside Elementary

75 County Road 218
Durango, Colorado 81303
Phone: (970) 259-5249

Escalante is a state-of-the-art middle school nestled next to the Animas River below the Purple Cliffs. The grounds include areas for athletics, nature study, outdoor learning and physical education. The building is designed for middle school education with the latest technology and classroom support. Programs for enrichment include Independent Study (gifted and talented program), Exploratory Challenge, Odyssey of the Mind, Future Problem Solving, Invention Convention, Knowledge Bowl, computer instruction and Student Council. Programs for special student needs include individualized curriculum, advanced math and language classes, extended learning and resource classes, center base classroom, and an English Language Learners cluster. Special programs instituted at Escalante Middle School provide educational opportunities for various special needs student populations.

Escalante Middle School

141 Baker Lane
Durango, Colorado 81301
Phone: (970) 247-9490

Miller is an internationally minded middle school that inspires global awareness. Our young leaders make a positive difference in our changing world through inquiry, cross-cultural understanding, and a shared vision of academic excellence. We are committed to an innovative educational system, guaranteeing our learners acquire critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary to compete and succeed in the 21st century. In partnership with the Durango community, our students achieve confidence and success in their learning through equitable opportunities and rigorous interdisciplinary experiences, sparking a passion for life-long learning.

Miller Middle School

2608 Junction Street
Durango, Colorado 81301
Phone: (970) 247-1418

Within a supportive and safe culture, Mountain Middle School integrates technology and project-based learning into a rigorous liberal arts curriculum that prepares students to succeed in the 21st Century as self-motivated, innovative thinkers who seek to resolve challenges collaboratively. Mountain Middle School will work with each student to achieve their highest academic and social potential in an educational framework of problem-solving, cross-subject application, and teamwork.

Mountain Middle School

108 West 31st Street
Durango, Colorado 81301
Phone: (970) 828-5600

We are a public, free charter school in Durango, Colorado. We offer a rigorous, personalized college preparatory curriculum that is engaging and meaningful. We deliver our curriculum through projects. That means that our students have the opportunity to apply their learning through relevant, real-world experiences. We have based our school off of a wildly popular and successful model from California called High Tech High. Together we are accomplishing great things!

Animas High School

271 Twin Buttes Avenue
Durango, Colorado 81301
Phone: (970) 247-2474

The mission of Durango Big Picture High School is to empower students to use their interests and passions to drive their learning through real world application and experiences in order to reach their personal, social and academic goals. Our unique high school follows the Big Picture Learning model, which is centered on individual student growth through community-based internships and student centered curriculum.

Durango Big Picture

215 East 12th Street
Durango, Colorado 81301
Phone: (970) 259-0203

The mission of Durango High School, a community-based partnership, is to ensure each student develops the positive character attributes and academic excellence necessary to compete and contribute in the global community, by providing tailored, engaging, and relevant educational opportunities within a safe and healthy environment. Durango High School offers a variety of educational programs to accommodate individual student needs. The school offers extensive electives in all departments, including music, art, theater; business, technology and vocational education. Honors courses and advanced-placement classes are available in grades 9-12. Counselors work with parents and students to plan their educational program beginning in ninth grade. Special education help is available for identified students.

Durango High School

2390 Main Avenue
Durango, Colorado 81301
Phone: (970) 259-1630

Our blend of small classes, dynamic academic programs, and a liberal arts perspective leads to transformative learning experiences that foster entrepreneurship, leadership, creative problem solving, and life-long learning. Our unique and beautiful mountain campus, on a mesa above historic Durango, Colorado, inspires an active and friendly community with a spirit of engagement, exploration, and intellectual curiosity.

Fort Lewis College

1000 Rim Drive
Durango, Colorado 81301
Phone: (877) 352-2656

Offers area residents a community college education via several degree programs, evening classes and transferable credits to four-year schools. Pueblo Community College transforms lives, enriches communities, and strengthens the regional economy by empowering individual achievement through a continuum of education.

Pueblo Community College: Southwest Colorado Community College

701 Camino Del Rio
Durango, Colorado 81301
Phone: (970) 247-2929

The center offers a comfortable learning environment with friendly teachers for individual needs. Classes are available in GED, math, reading and English as a Second language. Free childcare is available. Our small learning environments allow us to adapt our programs to the individual needs of our students. We also have a strong culture of excellence that offers students a sense of belonging, free of judgment. Join our family today!

Adult Education Center

701 Camino Del Rio Suite 301
Durango, Colorado 81301
Phone: (970) 385-4354