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Our Philosophy

Legacy Properties West was formed and named with the commitment in mind of nurturing and preserving the legacy and heritage of the west. It speaks to a conscious effort to be mindful of the precious gifts we have been given and the responsibility we have as guardians and stewards of our natural resources. In being mindful of this awesome responsibility, we invite each of our clients and associates to join us in what we like to refer to as our “Stewardship Community.” It's a community or family of like-minded people, formed with the expressed purpose of protecting and nurturing special places around the west for the benefit of future generations. The community is dedicated to sustaining the environment, promoting conservation, increasing the quantity and quality of open space and protected lands, providing for habitat enhancement, while protecting the heritage and landscape of the great American West. The vision is to focus on one property at a time, large or small, and consciously create a special place where a legacy for future generations is carefully shaped and protected.

Given this commitment, we have invited a group of specialists, recognized for their expertise and significant experience, to partner with us in supporting this initiative. These individuals are introduced in the About Our Team section of our website and we express our gratitude to them for their commitment to shared goals and to you.