Rincon by Agave Durango


We are thrilled to announce the newest Agave Neighborhood! Rincon is located in the heart of Durango's west side, close to trails, schools, rec center, restaurants and more. Like all Agave communities, Rincon will meticulously utilize the space to create privacy, foster a friendly social scene and take advantage of its desirable location. Rincon will create a micro-neighborhood of single-family homes, built the Agave way. All homes have been approved by the Durango City Council to allow an ADU. Contact us for a tour of this awesome in town neighborhood today!

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Agave Durango Launches Rincon with Local Art Landmark

Agave’s vision for Rincón began with having a large art sculpture created by a local artist.

Integrating Agave’s modern aesthetic with the desire to promote a greater sense of community and friendship within the neighborhood, Agave partnered with local artist, Jeff Wise.

Jeff started working on the landmark sculpture in December 2018 before the onset of a very big winter, inside an abandoned home on the property. After assessing the conditions of the location with the vision of Rincón, Wise came up with a simple but complex design with aspects of a towering mountain, reaching ten 14-15 feet in height, but also suggesting the form of a spruce tree.

“I needed a piece that would visually shift and change as you drove past it without being too distracting,” said Wise. “The art’s location offers long vehicular site lines to the pieces and is also a focal point for both kids and their parents at the beginning and end of the school day.”

In early May 2019, Agave plans to celebrate the launch of Rincón by extracting the landmark sculpture with a crane, tearing off the roof of the house where the masterpiece was crafted, and placing on its new permanent foundation to mark the birth of Rincón.

It is Agave’s hope for all those who pass Rincón will take the art in, and be inspired, intrigued, motivated and provoked.


Location and Area

The new Rincón community has the best of all worlds. It lies in the heart of Durango’s lively westside neighborhood, with close proximity to trails, the river, the recreation center, schools, and Main Avenue. Nestled into a small hill to the west, the Durango skyline—of ridges and mesas—is visible to the north, south and east. Living here means you can really have it all.